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Dentures (Complete and Partial)

For patients who are not candidates for dental implants and for those who desire other options for missing teeth replacement, complete or partial dentures may be the ideal option. A complete set of dentures can be performed for patients who are missing all of their teeth. This option utilizes an oral appliance affixed with natural-looking artificial teeth. It is custom-designed for the best possible fit and appearance. In addition to helping with chewing and speaking, a complete set of dentures can create a fuller profile of the face, which can have an effect on one’s overall appearance.
Partial dentures can be an option for patients who are missing multiple teeth in certain areas of the mouth. In most cases, they are designed to fill large spaces between existing teeth. They can also be created to cover an entire section of the mouth. Custom-designed partial dentures are removable, with results that can look and feel very natural.
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