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Check-Ups and Cleanings

One of the most important steps toward maintaining excellent oral health is to have regular dental check-ups and thorough teeth cleanings. Our practice offers comprehensive oral exams and routine dental cleanings, as well as deep cleanings and fluoride treatments when necessary. Our goal is to identify any potential problems as early as possible and help keep your teeth and gums fresh and healthy. It is recommended to have a professional dental cleaning at least twice a year. Dental cleanings can remove tartar, plaque, and small amounts of tooth decay that can’t be reached with a regular toothbrush.

Oral Cancer Screening

Here at Rocky Mountain Dental, oral cancer screenings are a routine part of oral exams. It is a quick and painless examination of areas along your gums, tongue, and other soft tissues of the mouth to determine if there are any irregularities. Early detection of oral cancer can improve the chances of successful treatment. It is recommended that patients who do not use tobacco products have an oral cancer screening at least once a year, and patients who smoke or use other types of tobacco products should have at least two oral screenings per year.
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