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Dr. Anand Choubal

Dr. Anand Choubal is a second-generation and originally from Saskatoon SK. There, his Mother started mentoring him in her Office from the age of seven. After graduating from the the University of Saskatchewan in 2003,Dr. Choubal was a clinical instructor at the College of ry and worked in private practice. After relocating to , in 2006 to combine his passion for ry and the great outdoors, Dr. Choubal completed an Intravenous and Conscious residency at the University of . Since then, he has been very active with continuing education and a commitment to perpetual learning. Dr. Choubal is ACLS certified and accredited by the Association to provide IV .
Dr. Choubal is passionate about providing surgical correction with the most delicate approach. Tooth extractions, bone grafting, placement and periodontal procedures are all done with patient's recovery and post op experience in mind. When appropriate, is used to provide surgical correction with maximum comfort and peace of mind. He is ACLS certified which has provided Dr. Choubal the knowledge to prevent and manage a variety of medical emergencies.