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What type of filling material is best?

At Rocky Mountain Dental we use ceramic to rebuild teeth that have lost a significant amount of structure. It is the most stable and healthy white material on the market today. It is done with CEREC, a machine that builds ceramic restorations on site and the same day. The physical properties (hardness and dimensional change) of ceramic are the same as a natural tooth. If only a small section of a tooth needs to be rebuilt, a traditional white filling (composite resin) is appropriate. In certain exceptional cases gold is used to rebuild teeth. 

The procedure

Dental anesthesia is gently placed to numb the teeth. Extremely small cavities may not need any dental anesthesia. The cavity is removed and a filling is placed. The extent of tooth loss will determine which material is used.

Small fillings and cavities are filled directly with composite resin and packed directly into the tooth. We use Z100 by 3M ESPE for small cavities. Teeth that need large parts to be reconstructed are treated differently. They require ceramic fillings. Especially in back teeth, large composite resin fillings are highly unstable and have a short lifespan while large ceramic fillings are very stable long-term. Ceramic fillings are made by the CEREC system by SIRONA®. This is the same technology that we use to make crowns. We use Lava™ Ultimate by 3M ESPE to make all ceramic fillings.

Once the filling is placed, the bite will be balanced and verified.

Cost overview

Small cavity/filling:  Fast and easy to place.
Large cavity/filling:  More time consuming and different technology is used.

Procedure time: 15 min - 1.5 hrs
Fee range: $105 - $725 per filling

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