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crownsWhen is a crown placed?

When teeth are weak and structurally unstable, breakage may occur in a way that is not easily repairable. Some teeth break or chip in a small way, which is easily mended. Others break in such a way that various procedures (such as gum surgery and root canal therapy) are needed before the tooth can be rebuilt. A few teeth break in a way that cannot be fixed, meaning they need to be extracted.

It is impossible to determine in advance how a tooth will break. For that reason, crowns are used to prevent all fractures, whether minor, major or catastrophic.

Once a tooth has lost more than half of its original structure, traditional white fillings tend to be short lived. Therefore, a tooth that has a large filling may need to be treated frequently. Each time a tooth is refilled, there is an increased likelihood that root canal therapy will be needed. A crown serves to stabilize these teeth and minimize the chance of needing root canal therapy, gum surgery or extraction of the tooth.

The procedure

In our office, the crowns we place require a single appointment. We use the CEREC system by SIRONA. This is a revolutionary CAD/CAM system that uses 3D imaging of the teeth and 3D printing of crowns. There is no temporary crown, no full mouth impressions and the final product is delivered the same day.

Dental anesthesia is gently placed so that you are comfortable and the tooth is prepared to receive a crown. A camera will be placed in your mouth to take pictures of the tooth to be crowned.

These images are transferred to a computer where graphics software create a virtual crown. The crown is altered to exact specifications by software tools. We use 2 different types of ceramic depending on the situation: Lava™ Ultimate by 3M ESPE and VITABLOCS® MARK II by Vident.

The crown is milled by a CNC machine, which receives cutting instructions from the computer. The crown is polished and chemically bonded to your tooth using the Multilink Automix System by Ivoclar®, permanently securing the crown into place.


Cost overview

Teeth that are free of cavities and have healthy gums are the easiest to treat with crowns. Teeth with gum disease and/or severe damage require additional time and procedures to correctly engineer the new tooth.

Procedure time: 1 - 3 hrs
Fee Range: $850 - $1630 (All procedure and lab fees are included)

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