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What is a bridge?

Bridges use neighbouring teeth as anchors to replace missing teeth. As an alternative to dental implants, bridges are used when the potential anchoring teeth need crowns.

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Why do I need a filling?

Bacteria quickly grow on teeth and are difficult to remove. The bacteria ferment sugar and carbohydrates to produce acid, which dissolves enamel and produces a hole in the tooth. The hole that results is an active infection of the tooth and is called a cavity.

Once a cavity gets through the enamel, it will continue to grow until it is removed and a filling is placed. Cavities can grow quickly or slowly depending on the person. If a cavity is allowed to grow unchecked, it will lead to far more serious consequences including greater infection and eventual tooth loss.

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What is a crown?

Dental crowns are also known as caps. They are used to stabilize and reinforce teeth that have lost the majority of their natural structure. Teeth that are cracked or broken often need crowns so that further breakage is prevented. Teeth that have had root canal treatment are especially prone to breakage.

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