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Wisdom teeth complete formation around 16 - 25 years of age. Sometimes, when the jaws have enough room for them, they come in straight. In many cases, they come in crooked or impacted. Impacted teeth do not come through the surface of the gums. Wisdom teeth that are either fully or partially impacted have a much higher risk of getting cavities and becoming infected. In some cases, impacted wisdom teeth can cause other teeth in the mouth to move and become crooked.

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The procedure

The best time to remove wisdom teeth is when the patient is young, healthy and free of infection, ideally before the roots are completely formed. Recovery is fast and the risk of complications is lowest when the patient is young and the roots are soft and short.

Dental anesthesia is gently applied to all patients having teeth extracted. Some patients will also receive sedation to manage nervousness or anxiety.

Wisdom teeth can have large roots and excessive force would be needed to remove them in one piece. To avoid unnecessary damage and discomfort, teeth are precisely cut into smaller sections.  Each section is removed with ease until the entire tooth and root system has been delicately removed. This technique minimizes the risk of injury to underlying nerves.

Once the teeth have been removed, most patients recover within 3 - 7 days.
Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted. Every patient has unique circumstances, and the decision to remove any tooth has to be made carefully.

Cost overview

Wisdom teeth with short and straight roots are the easiest to remove when surrounded by soft bone. Teeth that have long and curved roots surrounded by dense bone are the most difficult and time consuming to remove. Teeth that are broken, or have large cavities, also make the procedure more time consuming.
Procedure time: 20 min - 2.5 hrs
Fee range: $105 - $575 per tooth