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Snoring problem

Someone snoring keeping you up at night? Tired all day no matter how much you sleep? Stop the snoring, and sleep better for life...

Snoring is caused when soft tissues in the throat vibrate during sleep. An oral appliance is used to stop snoring by holding the lower jaw in a specific position that optimizes airflow. We will use Eccovision technology to produce a 3 dimensional map of your nose and throat airways and find the area that is vibrating. Eccovision is also used to calibrate your jaw position to create the best airway for sleep that no longer vibrates. This technology will allow us to predict whether your snoring can be fixed with an oral appliance before you invest in one.

Home sleep studies are also done to rule out the possibility of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). OSA occurs when throat tissues close together and stop breathing altogether. These episodes can last up to 90 seconds and cause many health problems including premature death. The ARES is a comfortable recording device that is worn at night. It will track and monitor your body while you sleep in your own bed. The results are uploaded to a computer network where a Certified Sleep Physician will interpret and diagnose the presence (or absence) of OSA. While cPAP remains the gold standard for treatment of OSA some patients with mild – moderate OSA may use an oral appliance instead.



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