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Nerve therapy (also known as a root canal) entails removing the internal dead nerve and bacteria in order to save the rest of tooth and root.

For our full article on the what, why and how of Nerve Therapy (Root Canal), please visit the Dr.'s Blog: Nerve Therapy

The procedure

Teeth that are either infected, have internal calcification or sharp curves in their roots will be treated in multiple visits. Abundant dental anesthesia (dental freezing) will be applied gently so that you experience minimal discomfort. One of our goals is to ensure a pain-free experience; during this procedure or any other that you have done in our office.

A hole must be made in the tooth to access its nerve. Thin Nickel-Titanium files (PROTAPER and WAVE ONE by Dentsply) are used to clean inside the roots (depending on the tooth, it may have more than one root). A new specialized microscopic vacuum (EndoVac by SybornEndo) is used, along with the latest antimicrobial liquids (Q-Mix 2 in 1 from Dentsply), to sterilize the root system.

After shaping and sterilizing the roots, a permanent filling is placed inside the roots to create a three dimensional seal. The filling material, called Gutta Percha, has a long clinical history.

In almost all cases a crown needs to be placed once the roots are filled and nerve therapy is complete. The tooth needs to be adequately restored before it is chewed on. 


Cost overview

Front teeth: Easy to reach and work on. These roots are less complex than those in back teeth. Internal calcification may complicate the procedure, increasing time needed for completion.
Procedure time: 45 min - 2 hrs
Fee range: $500 - $800

Back teeth: Difficult to reach and work on. Root systems can be quite complex. Maintaining an open mouth can be tiring for the patient, and this, together with possible internal calcification, can make nerve therapy on back teeth time-consuming.
Procedure time: 1 - 5 hrs (multiple visits for complex cases, any single appointment will be limited to approximately 90 minutes)
Fee range:  $600 - $1800