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The correct frequency of cleanings depends on several factors:

  • Are you very prone to cavities? If so, you should have your teeth cleaned more often in order to keep cavity formation under control.
  • Do you have periodontal disease (gum disease) that continues to worsen despite cleanings every 6 months? More frequent cleanings should be provided to control the disease.
  • Are you unable to keep your teeth clean daily? Some patients have arthritis in their hands and are unable to effectively clean their teeth. Others are simply unwilling or too busy to brush and floss regularly. In either case, if you want to avoid needing invasive treatment, cleanings should be performed more often. Plaque and bacteria grow quickly on teeth.
  • Do you have artificial joints, heart valves or cardiovascular disease? If so, you should consider having more frequent cleanings. Oral plaque and bacteria can adversely affect your systemic and cardiovascular health. If you wish to avoid complications, arrange for more frequent cleanings. If you have these conditions and wish to avoid frequent cleanings, keep your mouth very clean on a daily basis.
  • If you have never had a cavity or experienced gum disease and are able to keep your teeth very clean, you may only need cleanings every year or two. The amount of people that fall into this category is small. 

The procedure

Professional cleanings remove everything that doesn't belong on your teeth. This includes food particles, plaque, tartar and stains. Our registered s will meticulously and comfortably clean your teeth, making them shine. First, ultrasonic scalers are used to remove the bulk of the bacteria. These devices use high frequency sound waves and water to efficiently remove bacteria. We use the CAVITRON Prophy-Jet by DENTSPLY. Next, a detailed hand scaling will remove bacteria that is tightly bound or in difficult-to-reach areas. Our s use precise hand scalers and curettes by Hu-Friedy. Finally, your teeth will be polished and you can opt for a fluoride application.

Cost overview

The cost of a cleaning depends on how much bacteria is present and how long it takes to remove. A single visit is required for those who brush and floss everyday, and who have had a cleaning in the previous 12 months. Multiple visits may be required for those who either do not brush and floss their teeth everyday or who have not had a cleaning for several years. Lifestyle factors such as diet and tobacco use may also create the need for additional cleaning appointments.

Single appointment.
Fee range: $200 - $300

Each additional appointment.
Fee range: $100 - $250

Prices include exam/check-up