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Bacteria quickly grow on teeth and are difficult to remove. They feed on sugar found in candies, fruit, and soda pop. They also feed on carbohydrates, which are abundant in breads, pastas and potatoes. The bacteria ferment sugar and carbohydrates to produce acid that dissolves enamel and produces a hole (ie cavity) in the tooth. Carbonated beverages accelerate the formation and growth of cavities.

The last teeth in the mouth and the space between the teeth are areas at greatest risk of cavities. Cavities form on teeth that are routinely missed by daily brushing and flossing.

Once the cavity gets through the enamel, it will continue to grow until it is removed and a filling is placed. Cavities can grow quickly or slowly depending on the person. Some people have saliva that is highly acidic. These individuals may get many cavities despite good oral hygiene and dietary control.

In order to prevent cavities, read our tips on Oral Hygiene

If you already have a cavity, you will most likely need a Filling