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Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums and the serious conditions that may come along.

Research has shown that gum disease is in connection with various conditions. Infection of the gums may be the reason for the existence of another illness. When the inflammation has been treated, it will also help prevent serious diseases such as:


Gum disease is considered a complication of diabetes. It can increase diabetic complications and blood sugar. Individuals who don't control their diabetes are mostly at risk. Studies show that the association between gum disease and diabetes goes both ways. Gum disease makes it hard for people who have diabetes to manage their blood sugar.


Studies have also shown that gum disease is related to a heart conditions. The cause and effect have not yet been proven, but it indicates that gum disease raises the risk of heart disease. 
Gum disease can worsen heart failure. The patients who are at risk for infective endocarditis may need antibiotics before they undergo a dental procedure. Your dentist and cardiologist will identify if your heart conditions require to use it.


Other studies also pointed the association between gum disease and stroke. Oral infection is a risk agent for stroke. Individuals who have been diagnosed with acute cerebrovascular ischemia are likely to have gum disease.


There was also a connection between bone loss in the jaw and osteoporosis. Researchers have discovered that osteoporosis leads to tooth loss because the weight of the bone that holds the teeth may weaken, and that means the teeth no longer have a strong foundation.


The bacteria that develop in the oral cavity is aspirated into the lungs and cause respiratory illness like pneumonia. This condition is mostly happening on people who have gum disease.


Men suffering from gum disease were 49% likely to have kidney cancer, 54% more likely to have pancreatic cancer and last 30% to have blood cancers