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Botox - Therapeutic and Cosmetic

What is Botox?

Botox® is a naturally purified protein which is widely used to relax muscle and decrease pain. It is not a filler and does not make areas of the face look artificial and abnormally plump. It is a quick treatment that has numerous therapeutic and cosmetic uses in dentistry. Dr. Anand Choubal is committed to provide injections in the most painless and precise manner possible. Speak to us today about how Botox Therapeutic® or Botox Cosmetic® can be used to enhance your face and manage pain.

Cosmetic Application

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Botox Cosmetic® is highly effective treatment for reducing the appearance of aging by softening facial lines and wrinkles, including frown lines in between the eyes, forehead lines, and “crow’s feet” near the eyes.

These lines are caused when overactive muscles reduce the collagen in the skin, which contributes to the skin’s wrinkled appearance. When injected into the facial muscles in minute quantities, Botox Cosmetic® relaxes the muscles, preventing and improving the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing lines. The procedure is painless and takes about 10 minutes. Botox Cosmetic® injections need to be repeated every few months as the medication is gradually broken down in the body.

Therapeutic Application

Botox Therapeutic® is highly effective in relaxing muscles that are responsible for headache pain and grinding (bruxism). Botox Therapeutic can help to minimize headaches, sore jaw joints, chipped/cracked teeth, gum recession and persistent periodontal disease. You can also enjoy more reasons to smile, when you feel the difference TMD/Bruxism treatment can make.

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Why receive Botox treatments from Dr. Choubal - a dentist?

  • Dr. Choubal has had specialized university education in head and neck anatomy.
  • Dr. Choubal has taken extensive training at the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics and is now is one of the most highly trained and qualified facial rejuvenation practitioners in the world.
  • Our team understands the importance of reviewing your medical history and performing a complete exam.
  • Dr. Choubal is highly trained and experienced in providing facial injections, which is an important part of many dental procedures.
  • Our team works in a clinical setting. We understands the importance of asepsis and always use sterile instruments or ‘once only’ disposables.
  • Dr. Choubal has appropriate liability insurance, and he can discuss and treat all of your aesthetic concerns regarding your teeth, smile and face.

Would you like to know more? Download: Botox Patient Brochure