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Platelet Rich Fibrin Treatment

What is PRF? Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is a fibrin matrix in which platelet cytokines, growth factors, and cells are trapped and may be released after a certain time and that can serve as a resorbable membrane. In other words, a ready to use blood clot! (The good kind...)

How is PRF used? A small amount of your own blood is drawn in vials. The vials are placed in a centrifuge with very specific angles of rotation. The result is a mature blood clot that contains powerful antibodies and bone forming cells. The mature blood clot (PRF) optimizes surgical results and decreases healing time.

Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF was first introduced and developed by Dr. Joseph Choukroun from France. Many scientific studies and research articles have confirmed the effectiveness of PRF in dentistry and medicine.

In addition to preventing dry sockets, PRF is also beneficial in many areas of Implant Dentistry including immediate implant placement after tooth extraction. As opposed to conventional grafting materials used in dentistry, PRF is the most natural option with the least amount of risk.

RMD blood centrifuge PRF