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Dr. Anand Choubal

Dr.Anand.Choubal-web6Born and raised in Saskatoon, Dr. Anand Choubal graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2003.  There he was a clinical instructor in The College of Dentistry from 2003-2006.  After moving to Alberta in 2006, Dr. Choubal completed an Intravenous and Conscious Sedation residency at the University of Alberta.  Dr. Choubal is passionate about helping those who have anxiety and fear towards dentistry.  Conscious sedation and a gentle hand are some of the tools he uses to perform dental procedures in a comfortable and painless manner.  He is ACLS certified which has provided Dr. Choubal the knowledge to prevent and manage a variety of medical emergencies.

Dr. Choubal pursued other residencies at American institutes.  In Birmingham Michigan (2006-2008), he completed the F.O.R.C.E. program under the supervision of Orthodontist Dr. Richard Litt.
From 2006-2011, Dr. Choubal attended the Pankey Institute in Key Biscane, Florida.  There he received hands on training in the art of Prosthodontics.  This knowledge has allowed Dr. Choubal to help hundreds of patients deal with TMJ problems: migraines, chronic sinus congestion, dental sensitivity, periodontal disease and neck/face pain

Dr.Anand.Choubal-web7In 2008, Dr. Choubal began using CEREC and CAD/CAM technologies to complete ceramic and crown procedures in a single visit.  He has attended multiple courses on CEREC throughout Canada.  These technologies have provided ultimate convenience and detailed precision in the art of tooth reconstruction.

Dr. Choubal is passionate about providing surgical correction with the most delicate approach.  Wisdom tooth extractions, bone grafting, dental implant placement and periodontal procedures are all done with patients’ recovery and post op experience in mind.  When appropriate, sedation is used to provide surgical correction with maximum comfort and peace of mind.

Dr. Choubal believes in sharing all knowledge and information with his patients. Dentistry and the way in which the mouth behaves can be very confusing and frustrating. Dr. Choubal strives to educate his patients to the highest level. This way, a person can understand dentistry as it applies to them and become an integral part of the decision making process. There are no secrets or mysteries before, nor after a dental experience!


Outside the Dental Office, Dr. Choubal skis as much as his schedule allows. He is also an avid racquetball and squash player. In the summer he likes to hike, golf and mountain bike.