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At Rocky Mountain Dental we believe that trust is the foundation for exceptional patient care.


While some dental principles apply to all, every patient has unique dental needs. We strive to empower you – our patients – with knowledge so that you can make dental decisions that are aligned with who you are as a person and with your personal life situation. We will provide you with necessary information regarding choices, risks and benefits. The final decision regarding treatment is always up to you.

There are four main categories that dental diseases and problems fall into.  Listed in order of priority, they are:

  • Infections: This includes gingivitis, periodontal disease (gum disease) and infected teeth that cause abscesses in the surrounding bone. All infections of the mouth are potential threats to the overall medical health of an individual. This is why we recommend that infections be treated first.
  • Cavities: These are bacterial infections that result in the softening and destruction of the teeth. Treating cavities when they are small minimizes the risk of complications and keeps the solution simple. Removing a small cavity results in a small hole and placement of a small filling. Large advanced cavities may cause teeth to need root canal therapy or extraction. Because this is undesirable, cavities are a second priority.
  • Structure: Over a lifetime, teeth can become weak, brittle, chipped or broken. Physical trauma, persistent cavities or past root canals can leave teeth structurally unstable. Repairing and reinforcing these teeth restores function and prevents further breakdown, which may not be easily repairable.
  • Cosmetics: Your smile can be a great source of internal happiness and sadness. Although it is a last priority on this list, it may be extremely important to you, and we understand that. If cosmetics and appearance come first on your list, we will accommodate this desire. Cosmetic dentistry can enhance many areas of a person's life and their self-esteem.